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Welcome to Vein & Wound Training Institute

Vein & Wound Training Courses

we devote our time and efforts in training of practicing physicians in vein and wound care. Nearly 28 million Americans suffer from venous insufficiency and it is one of the most overlooked conditions. Many of these patients are undiagnosed. Similarly, with the aging population, an incidence of all types of wounds is increasing. It is very common for a medical office to be seeing arterial or venous wounds, bed sores and diabetic wounds.

Unfortunately, many physicians never got exposure to diagnosing or treating venous diseases and non- healing wounds. In many parts of the world, there are no dedicated vein centers and no wound centers due to lack of expertise. We have helped many physicians, podiatrists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in vein and wound care.

Our focus is on hands-on training rather than didactic lectures. Usually, after attending our courses trainees feel comfortable to treat venous and wound patients. It serves patients foremost and secondly adds a new revenue stream for practitioners. Many of our trainees have started new successful practices after attending our courses.


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A balanced blend of didactic and hands-on training in US clinical environment.

Muzzamal Habib


We take our responsibility seriously
Muzzamal Habib

Dr. Habib is our course director. He is Diplomat American Board for Vascular Medicine and American Board for Internal Medicine. He has further vascular certifications which include RVT (Registered in Vascular Technology) and RPVI (Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation). He is also fellow of society for vascular medicine. Dr. Habibe is very passionate about teaching and training of physicians, residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses interested in vascular medicine, phlebology and wound care.


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27 Presentations & Workshops will take place

Vein Courses

Hands-on & practical

Our vein courses provide hands-on learning and training so that participants feel comfortable providing these treatments. Courses

Wound Courses

Hands-on & real-life

Wound courses provide practical training for diagnosing and managing more common wounds in office settings. Courses

Business Courses

Based on our experiences

To run a successful vein or wound care practice is a very different experience compared to traditional medical practices… Courses

(*Many of our courses count towards CME but not all of them, please see website or ask for details).


We hope you will find these resources helpful

Your training with us doesn’t end with a course rather we strive to provide a long-term collegial and friendly environment whether is our presence for all your clinical or medical questions down the road or providing you with providers forum where you can ask questions, upload pictures and get answers from our faculty members who are usually an authority in their respective fields.