Covid-19 Impact

Covid-19 has impacted each and every one of us and we at Vein & Wound Training Institute are not exception.
We have to reduce take extra safety steps and for time being courses were put on hold but have come up with protocol to run the courses safely.

We have taken several steps to ensure safety for our patients, course attendees and staff in our office. Following are steps in ensure safety

  • Our course attendees traveling outside the state get Covid-19 tested within 72 hours of travel or proof of Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Group size is only 1-3 attendees.
  • Temperature check on arrival to facility.
  • Mandatory use of masks.
  • Frequent hand washing. 

Course Schedule

Covid-19 pandemic had limited travel tremendously. We follow safe distancing and rest of state and federal advisories. The state of Massachusetts require Covid testing for most travelers. We offer hands training courses and try to have one or two real life procedures. During pandemic sometimes patients schedule changes in last minute. All these factors have forced us to make significant changes in how we conduct our courses. We have limited courses to only two or max three trainees at a time and we do not advertise dates. Please book course or email us at [email protected] and we will respond to you with available dates.

We try to schedule courses on consecutive days to help trainees to avoid multiple trips. Unfortunately,Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes on both our end and patients end i.e. we have increased interval between patient visits to avoid congestion in office, similarly patients need to change to their appointments in the last minute. For that reason, it has become difficult to schedule courses on consecutive days. Having said that please email us at [email protected] and we will try our best to accommodate your course on your preferred dates if we could.

Training Courses

We are a comprehensive vein and wound training center. We offer hands on courses for vein treatment. Our courses help physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to diagnose common vein, and wound conditions and treat them with confidence.

Vein Courses

Our two or three hands on wound training courses are designed for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Trainees start their day with lectures which give them basics of wound healing, risk factors for chronic wounds, diagnosing associated conditions like arterial and venous insufficiency. Wound training also include all the procedures and treatments mostly employed in wound care like wound debridement, wound biopsies, chemical cauterization and wound packing etc. Application of devices like wound vac and compression device like Una boot is also part of training. We most of our course attendees should be able to treat wounds in their offices after attending these course even wound care was not part of their formal medical or surgical training.

Business Courses

Our business courses cover almost all aspects of planning, executing, establishing and running a successful vein and/or wound center in office settings.

We try to cover all the aspects starting from space for business, internal organization of space, which EMR to pick, what to buy and where to buy office supplies. Once established them how to document, how to bill etc

Staff training including how to answer the phone, outreaching and aligning with referring providers and many other aspects.

These business courses are based on our experience, many failures (we teach them how to avoid) and what has worked for us and how to implement it.


There are vein and wound in service or preceptor-ship training sessions on your office.

We started this service after realizing that many times, just attending even hands on courses may not be enough to get you started.

Our training and collaboration does not stop with course, rather you will have an option to avail in service where our faculty member will come to your office. Before this planned visit, we will give you list of supplies and equipment. Visit be scheduled on days which work for you and your patients.

Though patient will remain your liability and you be primary treating physician but our trainer be happy to hold your hand and supervise for your first few treatments in your familiar environment and suggest enhancements if needed.

Ongoing Training

We believe in non stop teaching in training. Here are few steps to accomplish this Vein and wound training courses In-service and preceptor-ship Option to email or call our faculty for interesting or difficult cases for six months after your course Optional membership with veincenter.com where peers can chime in on difficult decision making. Join our Facebook group for vein, vascular and wound clinicians for lively discussions and education.

Fees & Refunds

Course fee varies from course to course. Please see individual course page you are interested in.

We keep things simple for refund, most convenient way to cancel a course is just email us at [email protected]

- 100% refund when cancellation request received more than 4 weeks.

- 75% refund for cancellation more than 3 weeks

- 50% refund on cancellation more than 2 weeks

-25% refund on cancellation more than 1 weeks

No refund on cancellation within a week from course.

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