Vein Preceptor-ship

Vein and wound training institute is a well-known preceptor ship location for vein and wound treatments for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners starting their careers in vein and wound care. Our preceptor- ship.

This comprehensive vein training includes

  • Observation of consultation in our office
  • Observation of venous ultrasounds
  • Observation treatments
  • Office set up

Follow up and treatment of complications


Vein Treatment Inservice

At your location & in your schedule

We understand attending course, even when hands-on and watching treatment may not be enough!

Many times people though experienced with vascular surgery or cardiology tell us, they don't feel comfortable proceeding with treatments. We understand venous access and intricacies of venous anatomy is unique and very different from arterial work up.

For that reason we offer vein in service at your location at your convenience.



Usually, in service is arranged after doctor and team has attended our relevant hands on training course.

Theoretically, doctor feels ready for hands on treatments.



For all legal and liability purposes patient to be treated will be hosting doctor/practice patient.

Faculty will stay in procedure room for guidance and hand holding only.