Vein Treatment Preceptor-ship

Vein and wound training institute is a well-known preceptor-ship location for vein and wound treatments for physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners starting their careers in vein and wound care. Our wound and vein treatments CME Courses are all hands on.
This comprehensive vein training CME courses includes:

  • Basics of venous anatomy, physiology and venous diseases.
  • There is very little emphasis on lectures.
  • Rather focus is to walk course attendees with real thing starting from patient consultation, ultrasound and treatment planning.
  • During this process we set treatment room and treatment cart with required equipment.
  • List of required equipments and where to resource them is shared with course attendees.
  • Central part of our vein and wound CME courses are live treatments.
  • We can also share documents like patient consents, intake forms, pre and post procedure instructions.
  • Pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions are discussed with patient live.
  • We try to keep plenty of time so attendees can observe and watch treatments without any rush or pressure.
  • Day usually ends with possible complications of treatment, how to avoid and treat them.

Vein Treatment Inservice

At your location & in your schedule:

We understand attending a course or two, even when hands-on and watching treatment may not be enough!

Many times people though experienced with vascular surgery or cardiology tell us, they don't feel comfortable proceeding with treatments. We understand venous access and intricacies of venous anatomy is unique and very different from arterial work up.

For that reason we offer vein vein treatments in-service at your location at your convenience.

How Its Works

Usually, in service is arranged after doctor and/or team has attended our relevant hands on training course and has been provided with list of requirements to make sure this in-service day is meaningful and treating doctor can provide treatments.

  • Day for inservice treatment is picked based on mutually convenient day and time.
  • We provide list of requirements including surgical equipment or disposables.
  • We usually discuss patient history and pictures with treating physician to make sure appropriate patient is selected for a team which is just starting treatments.
  • Vein and Wound Training Institute gets paid for professional service when date is finalized.
  • Usually travel arrangements for faculty are made by your office.
  • Things are set up by host practice. Vein & Wound Training Institute's faculty be there to make sure everything needed is in treatment room and on the cart.
  • Our faculty can supervise you to treat 2-4 patients in a day as long as hosting practice can recruit appropriate patients.
  • Our mentorship does not end after courses or inservice rather clinicians can ask questions on our forum and/or Facebook group which our faculty responds actively.
  • Generally, most clinicians feel very comfortable in performing vein and wound treatments after in-person vein and wound CME courses and especially after vein in-service day.


For all legal and liability purposes patient to be treated will be hosting doctor/practice's patient.
Faculty will stay in procedure room for guidance and hand holding only but will not be performing treatments though can assist if state laws allow.

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